Quotes I arrived at work one morning to find that the sewage system had backed up into my kitchen the smells was awful even after the problem was fixed and cleaned up it still smelled like feces. Being a Deli manager I couldn't have my customers appetite ruined by the sewage smell so I lit a Puff Away candle and the smell was gone in like 10-15 minutes. Hopefully this doesnt again but if it does i know what will take the smell away, A Puff Away. A must to have on hand. Quotes
Allyson Bessette
Satisfied Customer

Quotes i have 3 large dogs and my house always smells like wet dog no matter what i do .. until i tried the puffaway candle. this truly is amazing the smell is gone and my home smells fresh again ... thank you Vermont made scents Quotes
puff away

Quotes I ordered the Vermont maple syrup candle and it just filled my home with the sweetest maple smell. to be honest made me hungry ;) i absolutely love it thank you Quotes

Quotes i kept hearing of this puff away candle but to be honest wasnt real sure about it .. but i decided to give it a try i live in a mobile home and a skunk got under it and must have sprayed. my house smelt awful for days and i just couldn't get rid of it .. everyone told me to try the puff away, i was pleasantly surprised with the outcome .. i lit the candles in the house and a few hours later i really couldnt smell it anymore i am a believer now and will always keep one here on hand Quotes

Quotes In a home with TWO smokers these AMAZING candles take the terrible smell right out of the air, leaving a clean scent behind. We love these candles and will most certainly be purchasing more in the future!!! Quotes
Mark & Kimberly

Quotes I love candles....I have a raised ranch style home. usually I have to lite one on the first and second level of my home. With the vt made scents candles, only one is needed for the whole house and smell is very pleasant! Quotes
Whole house smells good